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If anyone has the time, plz go score my t-shirt design at…

i'd appreciate it a lot thanks :)

I submitted a tee shirt design called Musick to to be voted on and hopefully printed.

If I get enough high scores the shirt will be printed and sold from the site and I will win some prizes. Take a look at it and if you like it, sign up and give it a score.



uh, yeah i'd appreciate it, for serious
uploaded a bunch of stuff, which i need to do more often since i have tons of stuff not up here. i'll probably put a bunch more from my sketchbooks later in the week once i bust out the scanner, instead of using my camera :P

So it's been a long time since i've posted on here or journaled, i've been drawing alot in my sketchbook, i did this awesome drawing of andre today that makes me laugh every time i think of it, change of plans, i'm going to sheridan now instead of max the mutt, which is cool i guess, umm... i might put some doodles up tonight :P the end.

heart Neil

p.s i recently realised the brightness on my monitor was up way too much, which was throwing off my colors a bit, so i fixed that a little i think...
i just got into max the mutt animation school! man what a stressfull call! my friend Dave told me they got my application so i gave them a call, and i talked to one of the teachers, who was quite frank with me, basically she said, i have LOTS to improve upon, and just from talking to her, and i dunno, showing her my passion she decided to let me in, so yeah i may suck, but i'm awesome at the same time! WOAH!
I've just realized today, not many people have favoritized my things, I'm traumatized seriously. It'll just have to motivate me to new heights or something.
Just thought I'd post the link to my brand new Blog! wow! I'm going to be using it as my online portfolio, it'll mostly have the same stuff as on here but...maybe not!
so today I wasn't feeling very good so I stayed home, I wasn't incredibly sick just more totally exhausted, I could NOT fall asleep last night, I just wasn't tired for no reason what so even, I was up early, awake all day, didn't get much sleep the night before, and yet I could not sleep, anyway when I was checking my student email around 3 I noticed/remembered I missed some semi important people to day so I became angry/sad for awhile, but now i'm over it, sucks though, maybe i'll draw a picture of my sadness later meh.
Yea so school is started again, coming up with animation ideas, I gotta make a blog apparently as an online portfolio so I'll get going on that maybe this weekend, probably gonna get my web comic up and going soon, I just need to come up with a name I can be satisfied with I think... whenever it gets started I'll probably just post it up on here and my blog, eck i'm gonna be a blogger... not that there's anthing wrong with that :P
So break is finally here, i'm pretty confident i did pretty good, i think...

It was travis's birthday today so we went and had a birthday partylike thing, it was fun. i've recently sorta go hooked on D&D minis, i'm hoping i don't break the bank, and exhibit some sort of will power.

Most importantly travis gets some little rinky dink independant comic(that isn't very good) and i got totally ripped off, i really knew i shouldn't have posted my comic idea online! basically there was a character called powerchord(i know lame name, looks lame too!) and he absorbs sound and gets powers from music, he looks like such a douche bag, and lived for all of 3 pages in the comic, but it sucks that i may(probably not) have been ripped off(as in this could possibly be a rip off for 3 pages of my comic book hero musicman) ANYWAY, i was(am) kinda pissed, even if it is(and most likely is) a coincadence.

So whatever, MERRY CHRISTMAS(that's right fuck happy holidays!)
My first journal entry! :O well so much for starting off on a good foot...Anyway this is a rant about college, or maybe just this college.

In any public school, teachers are required to give prior notice if they're going to be sick or absent and find a suitable replacement. I have no idea why college professors feel they're exempt from this..You'd think the fact that everyone here is paying their salary would be some kind of motivation. :/

This is probably about the billionth time I've showed up for class only to find the place deserted -.- Little do I know class is cancelled and the teacher sent out an email this morning about it..I dunno who the hell checks their campus email every morning before they head out the door but I certainly don't. I'm not interested in wading through tons of emails about the softball team or who left the lights of their shitty green volvo on 3 days ago. I'm busy running around fighting for the bathroom and stuffing food in my face.

On the road by 7:30 and usually here before the email is even sent. I just show up with the assumption we'll be learning something every bad I guess

i was too lazy to write my own entry, so i just copied my friend, Dan's, it in no way applies to me, enjoy!
Havn't updated in pretty much forever, so i added some recent stuff today that i like, hopefully i'll be updating more often now, hopefully a web comic soon.
should you really thank somone for picking a piece you made as a favorite? maybe i should do that, i dunno it seems kinda weird thanking somone for liking somthing you made hmmm...
i didn't think i got a journal with a free account, anyway i made a deviantART account today. I guess just to get some online exposure/critique. I apologize in advanced for my bad grammar and spelling and hope that you can forgive me.